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NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Exact goal determination 
What are the positive aspects of the problem? 
What impact could the desired change have on the client and his environment? 
Finding helpful resources 
And using them for change
= More individual choices to deal appropriately with situations.
Although the term sounds very technical, in NLP we work very intensively with the perceptions of the senses and the emotions.
The client
is supported to
• exactly define his problem and his goal
• identify the purpose and benefits of his resistances and
• find solutions under consideration of his internal and external environment.
He is instructed to implement behavioural changes for goal achievement through optimal use of his existing, as well as newly-found skills and resources.
With the intensive use of their senses´ perceptions, clients learn to recognize their entrenched patterns, beliefs and values, to identify and appreciate their positive as well as negative aspects and change them into a form that is more useful to them. They can learn to expand their possibilities of choices to handle situations appropriately and in the best possible way.
Neuro Linguistic Programming is used in consulting and coaching, as well as in psychotherapy.