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To feel comfortable and be productive we need a good balance of tension and relaxation.

Many people have almost unlearned the latter. Body and mind are quite often caught in a disease-causing, constant stress cycle that is no longer broken intuitively.

To maintain or restore our health, we have to consciously decide to take regular time outs every day. For every individual this is something else: listening to music, walking, sitting at a lake, sports etc.

Supportive, or in case that even during such time out periods you can no longer "turn off", it is advisable to re-learn relaxation through training. The individually selected method should be practiced daily, preferably at a certain time. If necessary, many methods can be done within a few minutes in between, anywhere and unnoticed.

Despite the many differences among all the relaxation methods to choose from, they all have one thing in common:
The focus on the various internal sensations such as breathing, warmth, gravity, muscle tension, touch, movement, internal images. Often the power of visualisation is called upon for imaginating sounds, odors, emotional feelings, etc.

In the contexts of consultation, coaching and therapy relaxation methods are also often used supportively. This way you can deal with your issues more relaxed and therefore less stressful and more effectively.


The relaxation techniques used in my practice can be found under the menu item "Methods."