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For adolescents

Stress in school, difficult parents,
Lovelorn, loneliness?


You feel ugly, stupid, worthless,
a stranger?

Anger and sadness, no control, fear?

Your future seems to have no chance?

You have no one to talk to or can not talk about `It´?


It is usually not easy to make the step of getting assistance with personal difficulties. Maybe you also need support in helping people who stress you (e.g. your parents) to better understand you.

I listen to you earnestly and if you like, I accompany you in autonomously discover and implement solution approaches. We will work together to find your very own special abilities, potentials and supporters, in order to activate and strengthen those. Thus they can become your allies on your way to your wishes and goals.



Unless you expressively and voluntarily agree to it, no one (not even parents or Guardians or caregivers) learns what you entrust me. The only exception is if there exists an acute danger that you yourself or others are at serious risk and we do not get to a solution that eliminates this risk.

An initial personal consultation for minors who want to make an appointment without the knowledge of a legal guardian is free. For further appointments a fee is payable to me.

If you are under 15 years old or in my opinion not yet able to understand the range the scope of the decision to get consultation, coaching, relaxation training or therapy, I can treat you only with the consent of your parent or guardian. But in this case, too, I am subject to the above mentioned confidentiality.



You can only get consultation via internet if I have first met you in person and/or your legal guardian verifiably agrees to it. If we then decide on an online consultation, you'll get from N me your password, with which you can log in to the SSI encrypted online area. It is your responsibility to make sure that no one learns your passwort.