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Perhaps you, too, are often

  • sad or angry , or afraid?

  • Maybe it is difficult for you to listen closely, or to sit still
or it does not work so well at school?


  • Or you often have a stomach ache, or headache, or you feel sick whenever things happen that you do not like ?

  • Or something completely else is bothering you?

Perhaps your parents and siblings feel that way, too.
You certainly want to have fun again and be happy. We can work together to find ways to achieve that.
We can talk, but we do not have to. Or may be we colour or play.
What you tell me when we are alone, I will only let your parents know if you allow it. Or if it is essential that they know in order for things to become better.
It will be nice to get to know you and your family. I am looking forward to it.